Some links and notes for May 10, 2018

See if you notice a pattern. This took all of 5 seconds to find:

(May 14 update: gong to keep revising this post as an ongoing list of aging out examples, check back often).

But remember, when you hear about the progress in foster care and how “it’s different now” than it used to be.


It’s not.

Yes, there are people who care. Yes, there are good programs. Yes, there are good social workers and good foster parents out there. Yes, yes, yes.

But the data don’t lie. And systemically, it’s not changing.


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Sometimes entrepreneur. Former foster. Derrick Peavy is one of the millions of former foster children, having livd in seven foster homes between 1976 and 1989. His final foster home was the right home and became his family. Follow Derrick on Twitter @SurvivingFoster or on Quora