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Implicit Memory and Adoption

Adopted children have implicit memory resulting from the adoption process. Placement in foster homes can add to these memories. Implicit memories are created by experiences that have enough emotional intensity to shape the child’s beliefs, expectations, behaviors and feelings about a specific event in their current lives. “How the child responds to a situation is not caused by circumstances but by viewing current circumstances through the lens of unconscious implicit memories. The projection of the past into the present.”( Ecker, 2011). The adopted child’s view of the adoptive family today is seen through the experience of implicit memory from the past.
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Robert Hafetz

About Robert Hafetz

Adoption & Foster Family Therapist. Robert Allan Hafetz was born Marvin Lee Klein on 01/28/1951 at the Door of Hope Boothe Home in Jersey City New Jersey. Robert began his career in mental health at Temple University Hospital acute unit, Horsham Clinic, Foundations Behavioral Health and Warwick House residential treatment centers. Robert was past president of Adoption Forum, and PA. State Representative for the American Adoption Congress. He is a member of New Jersey Care Action Committee testifying as an expert witness before the New Jersey Senate and assembly. Robert published his memoir Not Remembered Never Forgotten in 2005. And Battling With the Shadows was published in the peer reviewed International Journal of Trauma Research and Practice. Robert is the founder of Adoption Education & Family Counseling LLC offering education, counseling professional staff training, and family therapy exclusively to adoptive and foster families. Robert has developed a treatment protocal specifically for adoptees. Follow Robert on Twitter @roberthafetz or on Quora